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My name’s Grégory and I’d like to change the world

I design packagings, instruction manuals, web pages, images and videos for a living. I have a strong passion for human-centered design, accessibility and equity. I am looking for like-minded individuals with a purpose and principles with whom to change the world through tiny changes. — Do you have a meaningful senior opportunity or a strong wish to build a working relationship? Get my C.V. (English · French) or get in touch !

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My name is Grégory and I’ve been a Graphic Designer for more than years. Between then and starting my own trade on the side, I had the chance to work on international designs with great brands and people such as Birkenstock, EMU Australia, Justin Jin, PIAS, and Sockwell USA. I wasn’t published anywhere and I didn’t receive any fancy award just yet, but maybe we can work on that together.

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“A designer that understands his design does not live in a vacuum, is a rare thing in and of itself. A designer that knows how to make his work serviceable to your business’ ambitions and dynamics, is nothing short of a singular find… Well, I found such a designer.
Grégory is a clear communicator, very knowledgeable, both creative and tidy, very patient and tremendously productive. I recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.”
— Karl Raats, Creativiteit Expert



I’ve been a full-time Graphic Designer for quite a few yearsand have started a side-project called Folksier. Eventually, the goal of that project is to convert a said percentage of income into charity donations.


I am married to a beautiful Croatian person. We have a dog, his name is Miles and he’s bringin’ in the cool. Besides that, I’m a vegetarian, an agnostic and a registered blood and organ donor.



I thrive designing printed and digital mediums such as packagings, instruction manuals, posters, catalogues, technical drawings, and online ads. Furthermore, I enjoy branding, creative retouching and video editing.


As an introvert coping with depression, I have an acute level of empathy and keen interest in mental health. Helping others keeps me going. Besides, I also enjoy photography, melancholic music and good movies.



A meaningful senior position is what I’m looking for. I wish to find the means and partners to have a positive and equitable impact through human-centered design whilst keeping a minimal environmental footprint.


Not eating meat, donating my blood and eventually my organs are passive actions. Trying to consume responsibly, participating in clean-ups and refugee assistance is a more active approach.



I have an ardent affection for the artistic, cultural, agricultural, and environmental industries, but also for non-profits and NGOs. A friendly team that values the end-user would be the perfect match.


I love Belgium but embrace the idea of relocating to top-tier countries as reported by the World Happiness Report. My current scope also includes the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but I am open to wilder suggestions.

+ years of relevant field experience

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Founder &
Graphic Designer


Since 2018,
Liège, Belgium

I created Folksier as an outlet to my passionate, creative and idealistic self. It’s my reaction to a growing frustration of having to endorse inauthentic values. Through Folksier, I aim to focus my energy on human-centered design, accessibility and equity.

Focus: research, prototyping, people, accessibility, logos and branding, tone of voice, packagings, page layouts, typography, catalogues, brochures and other collaterals.

Graphic Designer

Lana Allpeak

Since 2016,
Liège, Belgium

Lana Allpeak is a Belgian company distributing a variety of products. It distributes products for Birkenstock, EMU Australia, and Sockwell USA in Belgium and the Netherlands; and develops and distributes products under the Lanaform alias worldwide.

Focus: packagings, instruction manuals, posters, catalogues, technical drawings, web pages, online ads, images, videos and other collaterals.

Graphic Designer &
Web Designer

Exotic City

Liège, Belgium

Exotic City is a wholesaler of African and Asian goods working exclusively with professionals. Its multicultural team distributes a wide variety of goods in the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion.

Focus: logos, packagings, supermarket folders, web pages, images and other collaterals.

Director, Graphic Designer &
Community Manager

Chtulhu Event Management †

2013 – 2014
Plzeň, Czech Republic

Chtulhu Event Management was an event promoter active in Plzeň during its European Capital of Culture festivities. It is now defunct.

Focus: posters, web pages, images and other collaterals for various events held alongside the festival.

Graphic Designer &
Production Coordinator

PIAS Entertainment Group

Brussels, Belgium

PIAS is an international recording, licensing, distribution, sales and marketing company for independent music.

Focus: production coordination, design and development for various LPs and EPs. But also event posters, Spotify banners, marketing emails and pressing quality checks.

Graphic Designer

PIAS Entertainment Group

Brussels, Belgium


  • SEO-oriented Copywriting (2020, Raspberry Design)
  • Mobile Video & Advertising (2020, Stratétic / Filmer des Gens)
  • An Introduction to Human‐Centered Design (2018, IDEO / Acumen)
  • G. D. P. R. & Privacy (2018, Retis)
  • Online Marketing Fundamentals (2017, Google)
  • Social Media (2016, InYourBrand)
  • MailChimp & Email Marketing (2016, Stratétic)
  • Colour Management (2016, IFAPME)
  • Creative Retouching (2012, G. Collienne & D. Piccinato)

Higher Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic & Advertising Communication

2010 – 2013, École Supérieure d’Infographie Albert Jacquard

The Graphic & Advertising Communication curriculum provides a methodological training and features innovative exploration and relaying of messages skills in order to meet market expectations.

Courses include, but are not limited to : colour management, graphic design, layout, anatomical and perspective drawing, typography, photography, and industry software.

The creative output consists of various drawings, photographs, layouts, books, magazines, posters, packagings, animations, signage or even interventions in space.

Secondary Education

ISCED 3 Degree in Graphic Design

2008 – 2010, Institut Saint‑Luc


2003 – 2008, Collège Saint‑Remacle

Good Stuff

  • Volunteer (Ciréfasol)
  • Ciréfasol is a non-profit welcoming asylum seekers and working with local authorities and NGOs (e.g. Red Cross) for a successful integration.

  • Volunteer (Wallonie Plus Propre)
  • Wallonie Plus Propre improves public cleanliness in Wallonia through litter cleaning actions.

  • Registered blood & organ donor
  • Vegetarian


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